Unleash your awesomeness!

I am convinced, absolutely certain, no question about it—you have awesomeness chugging through your veins—RIGHT NOW. Don’t wait for the perfect moment, perfect set up or perfect time. Unleash some of that awesomeness now. Have you been thinking of doing something? Do it now. Place a phone call. Write a positive note to someone. Turn on your computer. Buy a stamp. Put on your shoes. Send a text. Write a journal entry. Order that thing. Throw away that other thing. Say a prayer. Tell someone your big idea. Go to the event. Ask for what you want. Pretend to be brave until you are.

Unleash your awesomeness. Only you have your brand of awesomeness and the world needs it. Your awesomeness might be wrapped up in uncertainty, anxiety, depression, loneliness, fear, procrastination, fatigue, pain, boredom, inertia, forgetfulness, apathy, rejection, perfectionism, neglect, or plain ol’ grumpiness. That’s ok. You don’t have to work through any or all of that today. Just crack the shell enough to give your awesomeness a fighting chance to see daylight, and the awesomeness might be unstoppable.

Do something different RIGHT NOW than you would have done a few minutes ago before you started reading this. Don’t even finish reading this. I promise it will be here later when you come back from unleashing your own brand of awesomeness on this world.

Now keep it going. Tell someone about your experience. Tell them about unleashing their own awesomeness. Whenever your awesomeness starts feeling constrained by all of those “other” things, imagine just a fine thin line cracking the surface of the shell. Remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect, and every day, all you have to do is crack the surface just enough to give that awesomeness a fighting chance to see daylight.

Have you unleashed some awesomeness on the world today?  Go do it!

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