Amy’s Therapeutic Approach

Hi.  Thanks for taking the time to learn about my approach to counseling.  I believe in counseling.  I know it can help people live more satisfying, full lives.  Whether you are experiencing a diagnosed condition, seeking a better tomorrow than you have today, or taking the steps to invest in your overall mental health, counseling can help.

In my work with individual clients, I practice cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and I have seen it working in action.  In your confidential sessions with me, you can expect trust, warmth, growth, a fresh perspective and successful attainment of your goals.  Early in our relationship, we’ll clarify your goals and get to work.  I assign homework when it is appropriate, and you and I will monitor your progress together.

I’ve had success working with people with

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • a difficult decision to make about their career, relationships, a medical situation, or other important decision
  • relationship issues
  • sleep problems, insomnia

One of my personal interests is neuroscience and brain and behavior research, and I like to educate my clients on the latest findings that relate to their counseling growth and goals. You can expect me to share information with you so that we take a cognitive and biological approach to your counseling.  This can be helpful for most clients, including performers and athletes who are working to achieve higher levels of success. I have found that my research-based, goal-oriented approach fits well with professional athletes, lawyers, engineers, entrepreneurs, therapists, entertainers, c-level executives and other high-achievers who are working hard to hide their anxiety while they are in the glaring lights of the public eye.

Whether you are a first-time counseling client, a seasoned consumer of mental health services, or seeking information for a loved one, I would love to hear from you.  Let me help you elevate your mood, improve your sleep, maximize your performance potential or achieve whatever your personal goals are.

Call me today to schedule your appointment.