Maybe you think counseling isn’t for you?

There are many reasons people give when they think counseling isn’t for them. Those reasons tend to fall into two main categories:

  1. Counseling Didn’t Work For Me Before
  2. There’s Nothing Wrong With Me

You may have tried counseling with little success in the past. Not every counselor is the right fit for every person. Of course you want a counselor who holds the right credentials and training to meet your needs. You also want a counselor with excellent ethics, who demonstrates care and concern for you as the client and maintains your privacy and confidentiality.  But what about beyond those basic qualities? You and your counselor need to “click” so the therapeutic relationship can develop. You need to be comfortable enough with your counselor to talk about uncomfortable topics. Call me for a phone consultation to see if I’m the right counselor for you.

You may think counseling is for “other people” or a bunch of touchy-feely voodoo. Maybe someone you care about has been asking you to get counseling and you haven’t wanted to do it. Perhaps you’re reading this right now just to check it out. That’s ok. Something brought you this far, I can help you with the rest. Call for a phone consultation or appointment today.  I won’t ask you to stare at inkblots or make you join a drum circle (unless drum circles are your thing, which is cool). We’ll talk about what’s going on, set some goals and get to work to make your life better tomorrow than it is today.

Call for an appointment.
Call for an appointment.