People finding their own path

The road less traveled.  Off the beaten path.  March to your own drummer.  Black sheep of the family.

Who you are or what you want to do with your life may not fit in a pretty picture that your family or friends have in mind.  By choosing your own direction, at best you may get unhelpful “advice” from well-intended loved ones, and at worst, familial relationships and cultural ties may be damaged.

Instead of following the “you should/you shouldn’t” path, it might be time for you to forge ahead on your own path. Counseling can help give you the tools to maintain healthy relationships AND be yourself.

Gender issues, career or relationship choices that don’t fit the family mold, and choosing to break unhealthy patterns are examples of the difficult and painful roads clients may be walking.

Amy will walk with you so that you can lead an authentic life, even if it is a little quirky by everyone else’s standards!  Call today for an appointment.